Dad turns son’s wheelchair into an awesome halloween costume!

Stop everything–I think we just found the father of the year!

Every year, Youtuber Ryan Scott Miller transforms his son’s wheelchair into an awesome Halloween costume, and this year isn’t any different. For this year’s Halloween, Miller put his son’s costume to a vote and their friends choose the Ghostbusters Ecto-1!

The Ecto-1 wheelchair costume includes working headlights, siren lights, tail lights and speakers for Ghostbusters siren and theme music! The roof rack includes yellow canisters, green canister, blue tubes, ladder, red probe, siren light, two speakers (one for the Ghostbusters siren and one for theme music), satelite dish and whatever the white & red canister is from the Ecto-1.

See the costume in action below!

Such an impressive labor of love for his son, don’t you think?

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