Is SNL Even Funny?

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SNL has been on the air since the beginning of time; long before television was even invented. But… is the show good? Depending on who you ask, you’ll get drastically different answers. Here’s my opinion.

My favorite SNL sketches of the past few years:
“First Impression” ►
“What’s That Name?” ►
“Teacher Fell Down” ►
“House Hunters” ►
“A New Kyle” ►
“The House with Chris Pine” ►
“Undercover Office Potty” ►

Also some cool behind the scenes vids:
Creating SNL: Control Room ►
Creating SNL: Hair and Makeup ►
Creating SNL: Photo Department ►

Check out this video by GrantRants, who goes in depth as to why Kyle Mooney might be wasting his career on SNL:


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