Always in fit shape! Funny dachshsund dog video!

Some time ago I gave my daddy an ultimatum – either he loses extra weight and puts himself in great fit, or I will not let him shoot in my funny dog videos!
My daddy accepted my conditions, and the first time the diet gave a good result… But it’s time for sports, and he asked me to become his fitness trainer! This is an excellent choice, because I train a lot, and in general I’m great shape dachshund!
Very soon rumors of my personal training went around the city, and now I have a whole group. I must admit, I have very hard training! There is no place for the weakling!
I hope you enjoy my funny dachshsund dog video! Thank you!
P.S. This is re-upload of my earlier video! I made it, coz get copyright claim for music I used. I hope you will love my old “face lifted” video!
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