Every League of Legends Player Has Had This Clueless Teammate… | Funny LOL Moments #8

Every League of Legends Player Has Had This Clueless Teammate… | Funny LOL Moments and Best Fails #8

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▼Players featured in this League of Legends Montage :

1) Deynex
2) Atros
3) bettermentalwins1 – https://medal.tv/clips/13153650/u4hZ3QXf7u5f
4) Rawrschack
5) ryanyoshida12
6) SoundEntree
7) Buttcrank
8) EPPsilon
9) iuiu_bot
10) jww42001
11) KermitLeFraw
12) Killslayer
13) ManilaGorilla6
14) AmelBiH
15) Oshiro
16) Priced
17) xeurus
18) YenTheWolf
19) Hoadep
20) Aureusa

Music in this LoL Montage:

1) Music provided by Monstercat:
Protostarhayve – Isolation
2) Music provided by Monstercat:
Just A Gent feat. McCall – Iris in the Dark
3) Music provided by Monstercat:
DuumuI See Colors feat. Luma – You Used To

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