When Ganking While Disconnected Actually Works Out… | Funniest LOL Moments #6

When Ganking While Disconnected Actually Works Out… | Funniest LOL Moments #6 – League of Legends

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▼Players featured in this League of Legends Montage :

1) Mandon
2) BioFire
3) C4releS
4) Drcorruption
5) luciobucio
6) NauFirefox
7) rushfighterx
8) Shunflower
9) yorange
10) bladias
11) Ephires
12) FlinkePoes
13) horayon
14) LuisEmAll
15) xFSN_Saber
16) Xerberus99
17) Sliced_Bread
18) Orlick
19) Skyrish
20) LargeDenrio

Music in this LoL Montage:

1) Music provided by Monstercat:
Tokyo MachineYAKO – BAD BOY
2) Music provided by Monstercat:
Habstrakt – The One
3) Music provided by Monstercat:
RIOT – Overkill

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