Ayyy more Mystic Messenger. Just because why not. And because I really want and need to do start making other than just TG stuff;;;
(just guess who has gotten herself back into MysMes hell and started to play again after who knows how long time lmao)
Also! Happy one year anniversary, Mystic Messenger!! And thank you so much Cheritz for creating such an awesome game with such great and lovely characters! (thanks to you i was able to meet my love, yoosung lmao)

And yes, there is two Saerans lolol. But it’s because there’s seven dancers/singers but only six MysMes boys so… Of course I could had put Jaehee there or something, but I wanted to use the boys only. So yeah lol. And well, there’s two different Saeran models so why not to use them both? lololol
..and for some reason the red in unknown Saeran’s hair turned purple because of the effect I used lmao. Same thing with Seven and normal Saeran. Their bangs are purple. I dunno why some effects does that to them, it’s kinda funny and cool tho tbh.

Anyways, hope you enjoy my loves!
And once more, happy birthday Mystic Messenger!



Seven & Yoosung: http://zkarti.deviantart.com/art/MMD-Mystic-Messenger-707-and-Yoosung-DL-633781902
Zen & Jumin: http://zkarti.deviantart.com/art/MMD-Mystic-Messenger-Zen-Jumin-and-Jaehee-DL-634506029
V & Saeran: http://zkarti.deviantart.com/art/MMD-Mystic-Messenger-Unknown-and-V-DL-636407280


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