Trying Unusual Cereal Flavors • Safiya & Tyler Live


Hello friends! Here is our reposted livestream from this past Tuesday (5/4)! I hope you guys enjoy – we had a few mic issues at the beginning that we edited out, but the rest is just the full stream!

Shoutout to MatPat’s Weird Cereal Food Theory video, you can watch that right here!
And also make sure to check out Rosanna Pansino’s Weird Cereal videos, you can watch one right here!
Good Mythical Morning also does weird stuff with cereal, you can check one of their videos out here!

This week we’re taste testing weird and unusual cereal flavors from around the world! We’re trying everything from green onion chex to sour patch kids and all the flavors in between.

Also, we got our bread cereal from ebay but this seems like the same stuff!!

Catch us live every Tuesday at 5PM EST 🙂

0:00 ~Intro
3:14 Sour Patch Kids Cereal (aggressively expired)
15:29 Chicken & Waffles Cereal (somewhat expired)
28:23 Peeps Cereal (actually not expired)
37:36 Japanese Bread Cereal (fresh as can be)
47:41 Jolly Rancher Cereal (once again expired)
57:50 Green Onion Chex (near expiration)
1:07:30 Franken-Cereal Bowl
1:13:41 ~Outro

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