The Planets of our Solar System Song (featuring The Hoover Jam)


A song to help students identify and learn about the eight planets in our solar system.
The Hoover Jam:
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NOTE: We are constantly learning more about our solar system, and some info may have changed since the release of this video. For example, another moon orbiting Neptune has been confirmed, and there are now 14. is a helpful resource for the latest information.

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Song by The Hoover Jam and Hopscotch
Performed by The Hoover Jam
Video animated by Dakota Sheperd:
Title animation by Brenden Nelson:

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We all come from a place
The entire human race
Depends upon our planet
Racing through outer space
And there are eight planets
That orbit around the sun
Come on, we’ll introduce you
And name them one by one:

Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars
Jupiter, Saturn
Uranus, Neptune

Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars
Jupiter, Saturn
Uranus, Neptune

I’m Mercury, the smallest planet, you see
You humans could never live on me
My atmosphere’s too thin, and I orbit too fast
My days are long

About 60 earth days as a matter of fact

I am Venus, my atmosphere’s super hot
I spin backwards in a way the earth does not
I’m closest to the earth in distance and size
I have no moons, I hope you can sympathize

I’m earth, the planet that you’re on, ya know
I’m terrestrial, but covered in H20
I collide with things that I can’t avoid
But my atmosphere protects me from meteoroids

I’m Mars and you can jump higher on me,
Because I have a third of earth’s gravity
I hear you plan to visit soon
I’ll be your first destination since the moon

I’m Jupiter, with my 79 moon crew
Like Io and S/2003…

J 2!

Yea, you could say I have a pretty large girth
Here’s a storm twice the size of yo momma,


My name’s Saturn, check out my pretty rings
These rings are a few of my favorite things
I’m a giant made of hydrogen and helium
And please, stop hitting me with things

My name’s Uranus, and I’m an ice giant

That’s dope!

I was the first planet found with a telescope
I rotate backwards, and on my side
I smell like rotten eggs,
But that’s just the hydrogen sulfide

I’m Neptune, I’m the windiest planet around
I’ve got supersonic winds
That’s faster than sound
An ice giant with 14* moons
And a dark vortex that may go away soon

I’m Pluto, and I will not be forgotten!

Stage Manager:
Pluto, Pluto, Pluto, Pluto… beautiful, but, um… yea, we’ve been over this, and… you’re considered a dwarf planet these days, sooo…

Gurl, I’m the biggest object in the Kuiper Belt.

Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars
Jupiter, Saturn
Uranus, Neptune

Sing along, real strong, for the next tune

Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars
Jupiter, Saturn
Uranus, Neptune

And, I guess, not Pluto

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