REVEALING MY HOME DESIGN PROCESS. And why I’ve avoided architects…


I’m not an architect, yet somehow I’m able to build “designer” houses. But how? I think a common misconception many real estate investors have is that you NEED to be an architect to design homes—especially luxury homes. Here’s the good news: that’s not true.

I get asked about this often enough that I felt it was time to talk through how to design a house if you aren’t a design professional.

To put this simply, it comes down to hiring the right team. I’ve worked with both draftsman/drafters and architects in all of my projects. And while I personally can’t design…that’s okay because the only skill I need to bring to the table is vision.

Every design starts with an idea. From there, you’ll spend the next few weeks (or months) refining that design until you land on a final concept.

But who do you hire? A draftsman or architect? That all depends on how much vision you want to bring to the table. Generally, a draftsman’s wheelhouse is creating and drafting your plans. They’ll often rely on your ideas and concepts and will build out all of the technical aspects of your blueprints—ranging from framing details to dimensions and elevations.

An architect on the other hand is a visionary. They bring the concept, visuals and elevations to you. Sometimes, they’ll build out all aspects of your blueprints. Or they may elect to hire that out to a draftsman to complete the planset. That will ultimately be up to you and how much money you want to save lol. Generally speaking, an architect is MUCH more expensive than a draftsman—which is often is due to their extensive schooling.

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