What DRIVES Hailey Van Lith: “I’ll Have 20 At Halftime & They’ll Still Chant OVERRATED At Me.” 😱


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Hey, how are you guys doing? This quarantine really sucks and I hope y’all are staying safe.

This vid is crazy dope. We spent a day with HAILEY VAN LITH. The legend from Washington is one of the most intense hoopers on the planet. She just wrapped up her senior year at Cashmere and is gonna be on her way to Louisville in the fall.

Chloe linked up with Hailey to see what a day is like being her. Started by heading to school. HVL is a star in the classroom. We went through the school and saw all of her team’s accolades and everything they’ve done.

Then it was time for practice. Hailey was going hard the WHOLE TIME. She only knows one speed and it’s NONSTOP. After practice, she took Chloe on the 40 minute drive back to her house where we got to get another glimpse into what her life is like.

Hailey showed us her 4 GOLD MEDALS and talked about how dope those experiences have been. Then, she showed us her Kobe wall. She got kicks and jerseys and all of his books. She’s carrying that Mamba Mentality all through life.

Finally, it was time for ANOTHER WORKOUT. HVL took us training with her dad and you could tell that’s where it got REAL. They worked super hard and it was intense the whole time.

Hailey is awesome and you can tell she’s really on a mission to be the best.

Hope y’all liked this and again STAY SAFE!!

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