E-DATE w/ P0rn Star Kiki Klout

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0:00-1:00 Intro, Announcements, social media/content plugs (like the video family!)
5:12 Ladies Introduce themselves!!!
13:19 👀 OKAY! Superchats!
19:00 Fresh asks, what do the ladies use to source guys.
20:24 First question, What is a good scenario/bad scenario you had with a guy?
28:27 Second question (continued)
32:08 Superchats!
41:43 Video reaction! How important is money to women in relationships🔥
43:26 Third question, how important is money in a relationship to the ladies?
53:20 Superchats!
57:43 Video Reaction! “Seeing to many girls and it eld to nightmares”
1:02:37 Ladies give their Initial reactions
1:03:07 Video reaction (continued)
1:11:15 Myron cooks a bit, (teachable moment)
1:14:00 Video reaction (continued)
1:17:37 Ladies share their thoughts on the video. 🔥
1:22:07 Dude from the video gets his IG pulled up, Ladies react!
1:25:24 Myron’s breaks down the video.
1:27:33 Superchats!
1:32:36 Edate time! Shout-out to my fellow Mod Sam! Let’s get it!🔥🔥🔥
1:42:50 Fourth question, what’s the crazy thing a guys ever asked you to do?
1:43:35 Superchats!
1:45:42 Kiki tells a story of crappy scene she had to shoot…🤢
1:49:29 Ladies ask Fresh and fit their questions.
2:01:52 Superchats!
2:04:05 Ladies share their final thoughts and plug their socials!
2:11:00 Outro (like the video on the way out family!💯💪🏿👑)
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Afterhours➜Laura Branigan – Self Control (New Techno Remix 2021)
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