Berserk Saga Special Halloween Edition: Lost Children

Decided to release a the first quarter of Part 3 as a Halloween Special, to celebrate the holiday. And anyone that knows anything about this arc knows exactly why that’s fitting, to say the least.




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Music Used:

Wretched World- Converge

Hai Yo (Oh Ashes)- Susumu Hirasawa

Fear- Berserk 1997 OST

Reptillian- Converge

Heaven’s Night- Silent Hill 2 OST

Burning Church- Mandy OST

Horns of Abraxas- Mandy OST

Chainsaw Fight- Mandy OST

Mandy Love Theme- Mandy OST

Waste- Mandy OST

Black Skulls- Mandy OST

Colony of Birchmen- Mastodon

Goodnight Moon- Logan OST

Sand- Mandy OST

The Horror- WASP

Children of the New Dawn- Mandy OST

Manveer- Adult Swim Bumper Theme

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