Shahzam on Timmy Smurfing for Iron to Radiant Run in Valorant

Sentinels star Shahzam says he was blown away by iiTzTimmy’s attempt to go from Iron to Radiant in 1 stream, but admitted that he wasn’t a fan of so much smurfing content.

iiTzTimmy came incredibly close to finishing his run from Iron to Radiant in Valorant solo queue in a single Twitch stream before finally quitting 10 wins away after 64 hours, but Sentinels star Shahzam had a few problems with Timmy’s methods…and just how much smurfing content he was putting out.

While Shahzam admits he himself smurfs at diamond or immortal to play with Pokimane and other streamers on occasion, he says smurfing at lower levels like Iron is different, because you are literally ruining people’s entire gaming experience. At diamond or above, people are at least skilled enough to put up a fight, but even with iiTzTimmy speeding through Iron and Bronze ranks, every game he played he absolutely ruined for his 5 opponents by outclassing them so badly.

Shahzam was clear to say that he respected the effort and the skill of iiTzTimmy and his solo queue runs to predator and radiant in Apex and Valorant, but he does bring up a great point about smurfing just ruining people’s games. So where do you fall on the smurfing debate: fun content, or just being cruel to less skilled players?

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