PART 2 FUSION STRIKE WHEEL OF FORTUNE (Live Pokemon Card Opening & Giveaway)

I’m giving away packs of Pokemon’s newest set, Fusion Strike! Here’s how it works:

1. Enter your name in the form here to enter the random drawing:

2. I’ll draw names LIVE, and winners will automatically win TWO (2x) Packs of Fusion Strike Pokemon Cards

3. Before we open the packs together, I’ll spin a wheel that MAY give you some bonus items on top of it, including more packs, more spins, and bonus hits, too.

4. I’ll email all winners within 24 hours after the stream ends to coordinate shipping! I ship all around the world, and it’s on me!

5. If you stick around until the end, MEMBERS of the channel have a chance to win a Fusion Strike POKEMON CENTER ELITE TRAINER BOX. You must be a member of the Gem Mint Club to enter, and a link to join will be shared at the end of the stream for members only.

If you’re not a member and would like to support the channel (shipping is expensive lol!) and get other goodies and perks, use the link below. Thanks so much!


Good luck! #pokemoncards #fusionstrike

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