MOGUL MOVES ft. Ludwig | OfflineTV Podcast #7

On this week’s podcast, Ludwig talks about his quick rise to Twitch fame, online beef with other content creators, and his upcoming toilet bidet business!

Filmed November 4th, 2021

00:00 – Intro
00:45 – Toast only discovered Ludwig last year
01:18 – Ludwig’s first OTV Party experience
02:37 – Ludwig’s quick rise to fame
03:53 – Toast and Ludwig cross paths in Among Us
06:10 – Ludwig’s YouTube strategy
07:00 – Ludwig’s podcast (The Yard)
08:39 – Getting hate for edgy humor
11:37 – Online beef with other creators and fan’s reactions
15:50 – Why Ludwig is involved in every streamer clique
19:40 – Being self-conscious while streaming
22:57 – Ninja’s career
25:32 – Ludwig’s bidet business
28:01 – Ludwig’s current career status
29:14 – Ludwig talks about his Subathon experience
30:29 – How many employees work for Ludwig?
32:53 – How MrBeast can afford to spend so much money on content
34:33 – Toast asks Ludwig about platform deals (YouTube vs. Twitch vs. Facebook)
38:35 – Ludwig’s honest opinion on Twitch
39:25 – The best strategy to grow as a creator
40:04 – Ludwig created a secret YouTube channel to see if it could get popular without his branding
41:12 – Toast and Ludwig’s opinion on Livestreamfail (LSF) subreddit
43:58 – Toast and Ludwig look back at the Twitch income leak
45:04 – Ludwig watches low-viewer Russian streams on Twitch
45:50 – Twitch’s copyright system
46:34 – The advantages of getting banned on Twitch
47:10 – Buying houses for content
48:52 – The community “shipping” content creators
53:30 – Toast’s idea to re-create the Playboy Mansion for stream content
57:04 – At what age is it too old to stream?
58:58 – Fan question: Do you wish you could talk about off-brand topics/hobbies while streaming?
1:04:50 – Fan question: How do you make new friends as an adult?
1:12:27 – Toast’s Shang-Chi Update™
1:16:30 – Ludwig’s Hollywood aspirations
1:17:56 – Outro

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