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On this episode of the Patreon, the crew focused in on a general theme of personal responsibility. They began the talk speaking about the frequency of women paying their share of the bills and cooking meals, then spoke about the fickleness of fans and spectators of the show through the internet and arrogance demonstrated by them towards any performer.

The heart of this episode lies in Joe’s story that he tells of the first time he went to a gun range in Texas and how baffled he was by the whole experience. They broke the issue down in various sections, lightly treading on the topic of gun control, youth and guns, the purpose of firearms, and transitioned to a talk about women and guns; which ultimately took the gang to talk about the predator behavior of men towards women and the importance of women learning how to shoot.

After unpacking the gun issues, Joe brought up two instances with celebrities finding out their significant other had cheated on them by one of their close friends which lead to the second strongest conversation of this Patreon episode. They closed out with reviews of what’s going on in sports.

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