New Splinter Cell Remake Officially Announced! – Kinda Funny Games Daily 12.15.21

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Blessing and Andy tackle a HUGE news day with Splinter Cell Remake announced by Ubisoft, SIFU previews, Nintendo Indie World recap, and more!

Time Stamps –
00:00:00 – Start
00:05:20 – Housekeeping
This is our last week of regular content for the year before we go on break!
The Blessing Show will be the last piece of Kinda Funny Games content of the year and that goes up on Monday the 20th.
We’ll be back on January 3rd.
The Roper Report –
00:07:17 – Splinter Cell Remake Begins Development at Ubisoft Toronto
00:24:14 – Ubisoft Devs Don’t Understand Company’s NFT Push, Either
00:31:50 – Ads
00:36:05 – Indie World recap
00:47:08 – Sifu Previews
00:56:23 – Sony Wants to Repair its Relationship With its Indie Partners
01:01:40 – Out today
01:03:15 – NVIDIA GeForce Update
01:04:00 – You‘re Wrong
01:05:48 – Post Show
Tomorrow’s Hosts: Tam & Tim

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