THE DRAGON BUSTER – The Legend of Dragoon

We continue our playthrough of The Legend of Dragoon, as Dart and team lose a friend, battle with an Emperor, get a Dragoon stolen, and do sick 360 spins in anti-gravity.

Twitch channel:
Original Stream Date : December 18, 2021

0:00 – Pre-stream
6:53 – Nico Talk
15:46 – Nico Talk: Bleach Teaser
56:14 – Nico Talk: I Watched Arcane
1:29:09 – LoD Catch-Up
1:53:42 – It’s a Tournament Arc!
2:28:28 – Dart’s Terrible Date
2:51:11 – The King’s Been Captured
4:23:28 – Storming the Black Castle
5:52:18 – Emperor Doel
6:19:39 – Fletz, the City of Stars
7:08:00 – Red Dragoon Stolen
7:23:08 – Breaktime
7:43:37 – Donau, the Flower City
9:05:41 – Valley of #@%& Your Gravity
9:55:41 – Leader of the Bandits
10:42:19 – Sprinting to Buy the Earth Dragoon
11:15:10 – Conclusion (for now)

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The Legend of Dragoon[a] is a role-playing video game developed by Japan Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation in 1999 in Japan, 2000 in North America, and 2001 in Europe. Set in a high fantasy fictional world called Endiness, the game follows a group of warriors led by the protagonist, Dart, as they attempt to stop the destruction of the world. The player controls a party of 3D character models through pre-rendered, linear environments. Combat uses a combination of turn-based mechanics and real-time commands. Notably, the game includes a quick time event called “addition” during each attack, requiring the player to press a button when two squares converge.

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