A look back: Rising stars, format shifts; what could be improved upon for 2022? | HLL 201

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00:00:00 Intro
00:14:15 LilBonaparte’s take: Doublelift was right about TSM
00:25:30 Moghal’s take: NA improved over 2021 and will only continue improving
00:32:10 Alienware break!
00:34:30 Basil’s take: CLG unfairly ruined Broxah’s career
00:43:15 The Dream’s take: the LCS has proven it could survive a total shutdown
00:52:30 mendoc’s take: 2021 had the most zero-to-hero’s of any LCS year
01:02:00 Game Fuel break
01:05:20 Old Cosmic Drive Stan’s take: MSI needs to expand to allow more teams to play
01:22:10 Jack wants to discuss imports
01:32:00 Genshin Impact Prime Gaming
01:35:08 EeveeFIGHTING has the 100T take
01:46:30 Outro, suddenly, for no particular reason

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