Ranking ALL 100+ Xenoverse 2 Characters w/ DLC Tier List (2022)

NOTE: This is all for fun and my opinion, don’t take it too seriously lol – This is NOT for online, ranked, or competitive aspects, just my personal favorite characters I enjoy playing as all for fun and entertainment.

I made a Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Tier List Maker for January 2022 with all 123 characters including all DLC from DLC Pack 1-13. Ranking ALL 123 Characters in Xenoverse 2 Tier List Best Characters and Worst Characters that I enjoy playing as. This is NOT for online, ranked, or competitive aspects.

RashFaustinho – https://tiermaker.com/user/68715
Tier List – https://tiermaker.com/create/xenoverse-2-all-characters-68715

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