BATMAN Arkham Origins Part 13 Where Are They?! Where Are The Other Data Packs?! (Wii U) Post Game

Batman: Arkham Origins Part 13 Gameplay PS3. Released in 2013, this is the Origin to The Dark Knight of Gotham set in the World of the Arkham Franchise.

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0:00 intro
2:00 Back to Datapacks
11:12 Amusement Mile Data Packs
20:00 Sheldon Park Data?
35:00 Diamond District nani
51:56 Batcave with Alfred
57:50 Thrill Killer Batman
1:18:20 1st Appearance Batman
1:35:00 Hush Reference
1:37:10 New 52 Suit Fun

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“Thanks for Watching our Daily Videos!” – The Kwings

Stream Opening & Ending Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

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