Ep 47 Analyzing the first patch of 2022

The boys are back, it feels like it’s been a YEAR since we’ve had one of these… aha… Discussing the immediate impact of the 3.0.0 patch (Including hotfix,) what the meta looks like now, how they expect it to develop, and what to expect and bring to any upcoming tournaments that may or may not be brought to you by masteringruneterra.com. Tune in for high quality discussion as always!

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0:00 Intro
0:42 Patch impressions and meta impact
11:15 Iceborn legacy deck discussion
15:25 Majiinbae’s anti-poro tech – Shyvana Pantheon
17:15 Expectations for upcoming tournaments – Back on poros
24:25 Thoughts on the upcoming competitive update
29:40 Recent player boom, possibly from Arcane
36:00 Lineup talk – What’s going to win this weekend?
38:30 Zoe Diana deck talk
39:30 Kindred Viego deck talk
40:38 Do we need a hotfix before seasonals? – Additional Ahri Kennen talk
47:05 Thoughts on the patch now that the dust has settled a bit

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