The BEST Anime of Winter 2022 – Ones To Watch

With Attack On Titan’s Final season back on, and Demon Slayer returning, it’s a good season to be an anime fan. But it’s not all about the sequels – these are the best new anime of winter 2022.
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00:00 – Are We in a Time Loop?
02:00 – Darling in the Ero-Cosplay
05:55 – Fishing for Moe
07:11 – Just Two Guys Sharing BL Manga
08:44 – Minority Report but it’s a Red Bull ad
11:10 – Theatre Kid Bias
13:09 – Hentai Protag Haircut
14:48 – Power Rangers Villains need a Union
16:19 – THE COOL ONE
19:23 – Wait crap that’s only nine
23:29 – Final List

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