Watching the OLDEST Videos on My Friends’ Channels

FIRST UP: It’s the return of Mafia! I’m joined by willpk, wkerri, and EmKeane in a speedrun where some of the runners are trying to sabotage the run. Before we start, we’re going to spin a wheel with every object in Stardew Valley on it, until we get something that we think should take us about 30 minutes to get. Then, everyone will flip a coin, if it’s heads you’re a good guy, if it’s tails you’re a bad guy (mafia). We’ll try to get the object within 30 minutes while the mafia tries to slow us down. At the end of the run, you get two points for whether your team was successful in its mission, and you also get one point for each person you correctly identify. Whoever has the most points wins!

SECOND UP: Ok this is the fourth time I’ve said we’re doing this, but it WILL happen this stream. In this, everyone has 100hp which you lose slowly, but you get health back for solving wordles! My goal is to win just one of the ten games I play 😮

THIRD UP: Everyone starts somewhere on their YouTube journey, and today I want to see where all of my friends started. We’re going to be reacting to Stardew content creators’ FIRST YouTube videos to see how far they’ve come.
P.S. I literally had this idea like a month ago, and when I told Em I was doing it tonight she said that Ludwig literally just did something similar, but idc I’m doing it anyway.

Chat Rules:
– Please be respectful to all members of the stream. No hateful speech of any kind is permitted.
– This stream is meant for all people, so keep it positive and PG-13 or less.
– Don’t self-promote, or say anything that could result in you gaining followers/subscribers/fans
– No links (they’ll be automatically removed)
– Idk man just be cool

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