Brought A New Hot Guy for you [Edward Avila | Eddie Sun] [The Boy Beat | EP26]

Our *experienced* model from the cloud makeup episode, Songheon (or Freddie lol) finally comes back to #TheBoyBeat
So today’s concept is Huening Kai from TXT.
Even though Freddie’s beautiful tanned skin tone doesn’t match with Huening Kai’s, still looks stunning in his way.
And it’s kinda dope that everybody can see that
he’s fully adapted to this show!
Look at him being so calm when 90% of the conversation is about his gym trainer brother & the tea from the club lol
Hope you guys enjoy it and please let us know if there’s a makeup concept that you want us to do for the next video!

0:00 Intro
0:40 Today’s concept: Huening Kai Makeup
1:56 How are Edward&Eddie in real life
2:53 Yoona PD: Is your brother CUTE?
4:12 [Jumiso] PORE-REST PHA 9 Deep Purifying Facial Toner (
5:21 New episode for Bunny n Cherry:
5:46 [VT Cosmetics] VT Cica Double Mist (
7:16 Unnecessary concern
8:25 Homosexuals don’t snowboard, we NEAT
10:06 Essential item for Exchange
14:12 The Smallest Thung

[Jumiso] PORE-REST PHA 9 Deep Purifying Facial Toner 250ml

[VT Cosmetics] VT Cica Double Mist 120ml

[Neogen] Probiotics Double Action Serum

[ROUND LAB] 1025 Dokdo Toner 500ml
[Jung Saem Mool] Artist Concealer Palette (Blend)

[Jung Saem Mool] Essential Star-cealer Foundation Medium-Deep

[Jung Saem Mool] Artist Concealer Palette (Skin)

[RCMA Makeup] The Original No-Color Powder

[Colourpop] Party Proof Eye Primer

[Jung Saem Mool] Artist Contour Palette

[PAT MCGRATH LABS] Mothership VIII Eyeshadow Palette (Divine Rose II)

[Merzy] The First Gel Eyeliner (G14 Crimson)

[GLINT] Highlighter (Dewy Moon)

[3CE] Soft Matte Lipstick

[YSL] VINYL CREAM LIP STAIN (Carmin Session 407)


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