NEW MYTHICAL RUMORS and MORE, HUGE WARNINGS for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

We’ve got new screenshots and more of potential leaks for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!
Let’s take a look at these, we NEED to talk about this AI Generator!
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Breaking down the latest in Pokemon Leaks for Pokemon Gen9, Scarlet and Violet! In this video we look at a handful of new rumors and potential leaks that have been surfacing in the community! We look at a few potential Pokemon that are likely AI generated as I show off in this video, this is a huge warning to the community because we’ll probably see a lot more of this.

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New probably fake leaks from @thepokegrinch, formerly EeveeTRG, about new pokémon and a screenshot of one of them. from PokeLeaks

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet rumors from Bulbagarden, which was originally posted on 4Chan from PokeLeaks

Fakemon AI Generator

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