Meltdowns. Britney did not attend the Oscars

Britney Spears fans were hoping Britney would attend the Oscars after having a meeting with Donatella Versace. The Oscars came and went and no Britney in sight. Meltdowns ensued.

The official Oscars After party thread – will Britney attend?

ET Interviews Britney’s Fiancé Sam At Elton John AIDS Foundation!’s-fiancé-sam-at-elton-john-aids-foundation/

Donatella Versace speaks about Britney & Sam

Rumor: Britney & Sam Invited To Upcoming Vanity Fair’s Oscar Party Wearing Versace’s-oscar-party-wearing-versace/

Will Smith smacks Chris Rock for joking about his wife Jada

Will Britney attend the Met Gala?

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