Jalen Ramsey on Super Bowl win, Golden Tate feud, NFL contracts & Jacksonville | The Pivot Podcast

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Jalen Ramsey on winning a Super Bowl, leaving Jacksonville, Golden Tate feud and his top WRs in the game.

In his first interview since winning the Super Bowl, All Pro Jalen Ramsey sits down with The Pivot to share his journey to his first NFL Championship.

Reflecting back to playing on sport’s biggest stage, Jalen describes an unexpected play that caught him on the wrong end of Cincinnati’s big score and admits there was nothing he could do but laugh to himself and say, “That was crazy, that really happened in the Super Bowl..I was for real laughing. Like, I got scored on in the Super Bowl bro.”

Jalen jokes how he was probably just as happy as Tampa Bay fans to have Tom Brady back so he no longer will be the last person Tom Brady threw a touchdown on.

The conversation shifts to the beginning of his career as Fred asks him to open up about his experiences in Jacksonville and why he really wanted out from that organization. Jalen explains his disappointment from draft day with hopes he would be the first defensive player off the board or end up the #4 pick with the Dallas Cowboys. Channing commends Jalen for making the moves to get out of an organization and compares it to Fred’s decision to stay with a team who had no chance of winning.

Ryan and Channing dig into the off the field rumors and ask what really transpired between Jalen and Golden Tate, the mother of his children’s brother. Referencing ongoing feuds, Fred asks who Jalen would rather face in a celebrity boxing match: Golden Tate or AJ Green to which the All Pro answers, AJ Green.

Jalen expresses his love for being a girl dad and how he cares more what they think of him as a man than any of his football accolades. As the conversation wraps, Ryan puts Jalen in the hot seat to name his top five wide receivers currently in the league which he struggles to get them out in order before ranking the four DBs after him.

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