Do You Care Enough? – Episode #235 w/ Donni & David

How does change happen ? What does it take to create change in our business and personal life?

Generating the mindset, energy, and intentional actions to change habits in our lives is extremely important on the path to success. In this episode we sit down to discuss :

– Our honest assessment of how we want to improve in our physical health.
– Caring enough to change : how to not “hit rock bottom” before we course correct.
– Specifically defining the actions that will reveal the path to accomplishing goals.
– Systems of accountability : how to attract and be attractive to other people who can help us in our journey to become better.
– Facing our lack of discipline and being honest about what it will take to become more disciplined.
Using fear as a motivator .

and more!

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Show notes:

00:00 Podcast Preview And Sponsored By

04:04 Weekly Recap

07:07 Inside Joke

22:15 Commercial Break

23:15 Don’t Care Enough

28:11 Wanting It Bad Enough

35:36 Finding The Motivation

42:43 Brain Picker Commercial

43:42 Getting Yourself To Do The Things That You’re Suppose To Do

59:03 Questions And Answers

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