These Mario 64 mods are getting out of control…

Super Mario 64, but we are in Rocket League? Thanks for GreenSuigi, Cheese, GTM, Dwhatever and SerialBocks for playing Mario 64 in Rocket League with me!

Shoutouts to SerialBocks for making the mod . Check him out here! ►

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Edited by eriksenchee

Simply plays Super Mario 64 but we are in Rocket League. This video is similar to the Speedrunning Mario 64 in Minecraft with Smallant, but instead we are now in Rocket League. These Super Mario 64 hacks and SM64 rom hacks are getting out of hand! The fact that you can BLJ, a Mario 64 speedrunning technique, in Rocket League. Hope you enjoyed this Super Mario 64 speedrun, but in Rocket League!

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