BOWLiNG BABY NAVEY!! Family Day together before our Vacation to ______! and cooking with Dad movie

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Best Bowling Day Ever 1259

We are going bowling!! Adley, Niko Bear, and Navey come with me to try and find some lucky bowling balls, and by lucky i mean ones that are small enough for the kiddos to be able to carry. After seaching all over, we find two small green ones. We head over to our lane and start to have some family fun. Adley is up first and right off the bat she does amazing, getting a spare in her very first two bowls. we then grab the little helper thing for Niko. you know the one that looks like a play ground slide but for bowling balls? Niko sends his lucky green ball down and he also does really well. Sheesh, how did my kiddos get so good at bowling. They must get it from Jenny, cause she is really good. And competitive, so you know Jenny and I are trying hard to get that top score.

We keep going, doing some trick shots off the side bumpers, getting big running starts to help the ball go faster, or even bowling between someone elses legs. Adley and I did that and not going to lie, it was kinda scary lol. Baby Navey even gets in on the fun, almost sending a ball down the wrong lane before trying to run to the pins in ours. Crazy baby! but its so much fun, going kids bowling and making fun memories with the family.

We take a quick water and snake break before its time for the grand finals, the championship between mom and dad. Jenny has a slight lead, but i bowl two strikes in a row. could this be the ultimate comeback?!! oh, and Adley on her last bowl did an amazing shot, getting banana split trick shot for a spare.

Back home, its time to eat and thankfully i have some delicious looking stake, chicken and ribs from our homies at Butcher Box. They are this great service that sends you customizable packages with your favorite meets, right to your door. As someone who doesn’t have a lot of time, its super great to not have to go to the store or worry about where the food is coming from. Click the link above and get started with your Butcher Box asap.

OH!! I almost forgot, next best day ever we are going on a family vacation and you guys are coming with us. its to one of our favorite places in the world and we can’t wait to go back. Maybe i’ll give you a hint…

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