Mike Is Working With @Post Malone and Johnny Manziel On Something Special | Bussin’ With The Boys

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Recorded: April 16, 2022 | Our longest podcast to date and it’s with the one and only (just) mike. There’s a lot of layers to the pod and it’s worth every single one of the three hours.

Intro (0:00)
Interview starts (26:30)
Leaving LA & meeting Skeez (27:13)
Learning how to produce music (40:19)
Rebranding away from Mike stud (50:00)
Working with Post Malone (1:07:00)
Podcast with Baker (1:26:00)
Personal Growth (1:53:00)
Johnny Manziel (2:25:14)
Tier Talk (2:42:20)
Locker Room (2:48:15)


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