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Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/nintentalk Chill desert builds!

Mint Ice Cream sucks… phew i just needed to say that

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Patterns featured on the Island:

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NintenTalk Discord: https://discord.gg/QU5thZV


Jungle Island DA: 9848-4876-6976

Christmas Island DA: DA-7408-3888-6794


Patterns featured on this island:

Dirt Path w/rocks: MA-0501-3293-4058
Street Codes: MA-3625-5114-9886
Sidewalk pieces: MA-3625-5114-9886
Brick sidewalk pieces: MA-3594-6425-3608
Desert skulls, feathers, grass, tumbleweeds: MA-3625-5114-9886
Desert Rocks: MA-4015-2075-5702
Gas Station panels: MA-5036-6375-5696
Tire Tracks: MA-7977-8604-8239


Patrick McNamara
145 New London Tpke
PO Box 653
Glastonbury, Ct 06033

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