My QK65 build is a little silly but its dope. Polyfil and gasket mod

This is basically the first gasket mod anyone has tried on the QK65 I bet lmao.

Forgot to mention in the video, the plate I used here is PC. I used Oolong switches because I figured everyone is already using them with their QK65 or any other OwLabs board lol. Jazz music to go along with the Taeha deskmat. Didn’t use foam because I generally don’t like foam in my boards, but I’ll try it out eventually.

For anyone wondering, E-white and gold boards were shipped out first. I guess they just had some ready already. It was shipped out from their factory about a week after the sale ended, and then about another week later it showed up at my door, a few days earlier than DHL quoted!

In the past few days since I’ve received my QK65, I’ve only seen one other person say they’re missing gaskets and the rubber feet. It should still be very unlikely that anyone else’s will be missing once it arrives. Mistakes happen and they’re fixable. Luckily, judging from how quickly my board shipped, replacement parts shouldn’t take too long to arrive either. Not even mad about it because it came a whole lot sooner than expected.

Rather than just wait around for the replacements to come, I figured why not try making it work. I had some old plate foam I never used, figured they were poron like any other gasket foam, and decided to give it a try. And then after building it, I was wondering why it sounded so bass-y. And then I realized I didn’t have the rubber feet either lmao. And since I had another makeshift fix for that, I figured why not try replacing the silicone dampener with some polyfil.

Honestly gonna give polyfil a try even when I get my gaskets and rubber feet.

If you’ve seen my big switch comparison video on my mode65, I’ll probably be doing something similar to that with my QK65. I also bought an FR4 plate so I’ll be doing some comparisons with PC vs FR4 on this board. Sound tests are only a decent-good measure of how a switch sounds if its compared against other sound tests with the exact same setup. Thats why I made this channel, cuz not a lot of people record multiple sound tests with the same setup lol.

If you have any questions feel free to ask! Or even requests for sound tests in the future!

Big switch comparison:

0:00 tap tap
0:11 unboxing
0:42 wanna see a cute artisan?
0:56 the scuffed build

Sound Tests
1:50 Silicone dampener no rubber feet
2:30 Silicone dampener with rubber feet
3:10 Polyfil with rubber feet

3:53 Just some other comments/b-roll

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