Lucasfilm Warns Obi-Wan Actress About Star Wars Fans & More – TF Podcast

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The ladies of the Fandom Menace tackle the latest topics in genre news from a female perspective

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Timecodes with thanks to ActionCom
0:00 – Greetings
4:45 – AmDepp Trial “Experts”a
8:40 – SuperChats
30:55 – Star Wars Attacks Fans…Again
1:10:55 – Batwoman Writers Group Forlorn
1:26:00 – “If I made a Star Wars film…”
1:33:00 – SuperChats
1:45:05 – New Thor Poster
1:48:00 – SuperChats
1:55:10 – Thor: Love and Thunder Trailer
2:03:15 – SuperChats
2:45:00 – Netflix Turns On Woke
3:03:00 – SuperChats
3:06:11 – Nina’s Final Thoughts
3:08:50 – “Bye”

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