ASMRTIST TRIES ASMR TOYS (will they give you tingles?)

hi!!! lil bit of a different video than usual, but my boyfriend got me these cute asmr fidgets that i haddd to make a video reviewing them! take what i said with a grain of salt lol!! i was a bit harsh and picky as an asmrtist, im also in my 20s and these are probably gonna be perfect for smaller children to play with! im simply reviewing them in terms of how good they are for asmr videos/asmrtists/asmr CONTENT, not how they are for the average kid with fidgets!! it’s a big step in the asmr community now that we’re using the term asmr withinnnn these fidgets and bridging that gap & showing young children asmr through these toys and how to self soothe!! so dope 🙂 playing w the brush one rn btw HAHA !!! 🤍 love you, and i know my upload schedule has been a bit weird, bare with me 🙁 mentally ive been a little sluggish and though ive uploaded on diff days recently, ill still always post every week :))) MUCH LOVE IF YOURE STILL READING THIS COMMENT UR OPINION ON FIDGETS !!! 🫶

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sending you so much love 🌙 stay healthy & safe, good night 🤍

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