Biggest Omilu on the Pole! Fishing Hawaii Vlog PART 1

Whats Up You Fakaz! 🤙🏼
In this episode we meet up with the fam to camp at barbers point…
The plan was to dunk that night but the rambling was too crazy 😂 Guys was riding sand all night whipping it back and forth so I was like ahhhhh.. No can holoholo like this lol.. I ended up gettin like 2 hours of sleep that night bc these guys reving their engines all night.. Its all good tho.. Shit I love riding sand too and now I know a spot where can lol.. as for camping with the fam? Barbers is prolly not the best spot. but ANYWAYS… woke up early the next morning and was planning on fishing for Kalas.. Last minute I decided to bring my dunking poles.. I usually NEVER dunk during the day.. But im glad I brought the poles bc I ended up catching my biggest moil on the pole! Super stoked.. I used fresh tako that we caught the day before.. Killa fun fight too.. Im really starting to love fishing too now.. But anyways.. Super killa action packed weekend.. My Bradda caught some dozer Kalas in the net and my Bradda Doots caught an Omilu too! Stay tuned for part 2 where we camp up in the mountains and cooked the Omilu.. Shoots Love You Fakaz 🤙🏼

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