Lions QB Jared Goff on Growth After SB loss, Leaving LA & 2022 Goals for Detroit | The Pivot Podcast



As our NFL Training Camp tour gets under way, we made a Pivot Stop in motor city to check on our guys at the Detroit Lions and it was an unbelievable day. 

We had the chance to sit down with Quarterback Jared Goff in between practice and meetings and the conversation was one we all really walked away with a different perspective on Jared as a team leader and man.

Being the first round pick to the LA Rams, leading his team to a Super Bowl but then traded to Detroit the following year all while watching his former teammates go on to win the Super Bowl without him has made Jared Goff’s journey an imperfect one but one with a lot of growth and humility. 

Jared explains how it was hard to watch the Rams win last year but he was also happy for his buddies and respected their win, but it also made him want to work even harder to get back there again as quarterback of his new team.

Openly sharing his ups and downs that have helped pave the way for his new path in Detroit, Goff expresses his renewed excitement for football in Detroit and how the coaches have helped create a winning atmosphere and he knows now is the time to go after that NFC North championship.

Ryan and Fred ask about breakout stars in training camp while Channing compliments Dan Campbell as being a dynamite head coach and true leader.

Jared takes some jabs at Channing after seeing the Kevin Hart episode, while Ryan says how defensive players have it more difficult than offensive guys which Fred quickly chimes in to agree with Jared that isn’t the case.  

Being featured on this season of Hard Knocks, Detroit’s fields and facility were filled with cameras and crew members documenting the 6 week experience these players go through leading up to the season. The first episode of Hard Knocks premieres Tuesday at 10p eastern  

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