MEGHAN & SPOTIFY in TROUBLE: figures massaged/Serena & Mariah Carey fodder/S African & Royal victims

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In the three hundred and thirty sixth episode Lady Colin Campbell, with the help of a senior executive of a leading media corporation, has fun with Spotify’s claims that Meghan’s podcast reached the number one spot; reveals the disparities between that listing and its absence from more comprehensive lists; discusses Spotify’s commercial policy of damage control owing to low viewing firgues and adverse reviews; whether that company will renew Meghan’s contract; who has and has not been watching the podcast; speculation regarding Mariah Carey’s upcoming participation; sending up Meghan’s more bizarre claims, including placing her story about Archie’s fire into context; the offensive putdown of the British High Commissioner’s Residence; viewpoints as to who the true racist is; why the heater did not malfunction but performed in keeping with new and functional heaters; the timing of Meghan’s memory of the incident placed into an elucidatory context; why she did not bring it up in the Oprah or Bradby interviews; her swipes at Serena Williams and Compton; her ‘courage’ in bearing the idolisation of the masses; how she puts down women of accomplishment, from The Queen to those who remain unknown, unsung and unnamed; whether her father’s encouragement of the fantasy that she received responses from Proctor & Gamble, Hillary Clinton and Gloria Allred fuelled her delusions of greatness; the recommendation that the royals employ covert psychologists to prevent further unsuitable matches; how Meghan’s conduct has become a living instruction regarding certain personality types; Meghan’s contradictory claims to being an empowered and indepedent woman on the one hand and an overly-sensitive weeping willow on the other; and why her complaints do not accord with Harry and her claim that she always gets what she wants.




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