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This week we discuss artificial intelligence, high school stories, Asmongold’s diet, and much more!

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00:00:00 Intro
00:01:15 Terrible Texas Weather
00:03:21 Tectone and Asmon Lore
00:04:17 Introducing the Podcast
00:05:06 AI Shows, Vtubers and the Future of Artificial Intelligence
00:13:09 Forgetting the Real World
00:14:20 AD Break
00:14:44 Hiding Reality and AI Deepfakes
00:18:25 Trump and Biden Updates
00:20:05 Concerts in 2023
00:21:37 Growing Older and Balding
00:26:40 High School Stories
00:31:03 Cool Teachers in School
00:32:47 More Highschool Stories
00:35:27 Tectones Fear of the Apocalypse
00:35:58 Covid Era Talk
00:38:00 The Groups Experience with Pets
00:44:11 The Town Where Emirus OTK Owner Video was Filmed
00:45:44 The Dark Souls Games
00:54:03 Future Events
00:56:06 YouTube and Twitch Culture
00:59:21 Sponsor Streams
01:00:45 Tectones Broke
01:01:53 Sponsor Streams Cont.
01:02:49 Massively Multiplayer Online Games
01:03:29 League of Legends
01:05:33 Overwatch and PubG
01:07:35 Learning Games While Streaming
01:08:21 Stupid Game Mechanics
01:11:46 Filming Emirus OTK Owner video
01:13:45 Asmons Experience with Katanas
01:16:15 Tectone Is Still Scared of the Apocalypse
01:17:01 Childhood Dream Jobs
01:19:45 Tectone was an Extreme Couponer
01:20:31 Fast Food Prices are Rising
01:21:43 Asmons Unique Taste Palette
01:24:52 Asmons Diet
01:27:27 Asmon Hates Fruit
01:27:42 Asmon Might Have Scurvy
01:28:41 How is Asmon Alive…
01:30:51 Chipotle Experiences
01:32:52 Asmons Chipotle Order
01:34:22 Tectones Chipotle Order
01:34:56 Chipotle Workers are Amongold Viewers
01:35:45 Asmons Taste Palette Cont.
01:38:37 7/11 Stories
01:41:05 The Groups Gross Experiences
01:44:01 Desktop Cup Collections
01:45:04 Catching Hornets with Chopsticks
01:46:22 Asmongolds Lair Commentary
01:50:03 First Episode Wrap Up

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