Bam Adebayo Talks DPOY, All-Star Game and Celtics Rivalry with Taylor Rooks

Heat star Bam Adebayo sits down with Taylor Rooks for an exclusive interview to talk rivalry with Celtics, All-Star Game and DPOY.

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0:00 – Intro
2:45 – Bam talks 2023 All-Star game
3:42 – How would Bam fix the All-Star game?
6:06 – Should there be a 1-on-1 competition added to All-Star Weekend?
7:06 – Bam wants to see JT and Jaylen Brown 1-on-1
10:18 – Why Bam meditates and how it helps him on and off the court
14:29 – Bam on chasing “that high” after his first All-Star appearance
16:11 – The passing of the torch in the NBA
19:15 – When LeBron retires, the torch is officially passed
20:52 – Giannis is “next up” and will become “the LeBron of the NBA”
23:03 – Bam didn’t hear Giannis say “Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner”
24:02 – Bam makes his case for why he is the best defender in the NBA
28:57 – Bam on why he should have won DPOY over Rudy Gobert and Marcus Smart
30:42 – Bam on making space for Kevin Love
32:04 – Why Kevin Love is the exact right big for Miami
37:17 – Taylor on Bam feeling zen and at peace
38:50 – Bam doesn’t like the Boston Celtics
43:48 – Bam on trash talking Tatum
44:04 – Bam on the Eastern Conference
46:01 – Bam on losing in the finals in the NBA Bubble
48:45 – Bam on getting a taste of the championship
49:38 – Bam on ring culture and how hard it is to win
52:31 – Bam on his journey to understand his Nigerian heritage
58:28 – If Bam wasn’t an NBA player he would be a physical therapist OR an actor
59:47 – On all of the talent on his Kentucky team and how they “got cheated”

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