CLG vs. 100 – Week 6 Day 2 | LCS Spring Split | Counter Logic Gaming vs. 100 Thieves (2023)

VoD of Counter Logic Gaming vs. 100 Thieves
LCS Spring Split 2023 #LCS

Casters: CaptainFlowers, Kobe & Meteos

Counter Logic Gaming Lineup:
⦁ Dhokla – Top Sion
⦁ Contractz – Jungle Sejuani
⦁ Palafox – Mid Aurelion Sol
⦁ Luger – ADC Kalista
⦁ Poome – Support Varus

100 Thieves Lineup:
⦁ Tenacity – Top Olaf
⦁ Closer – Jungle Lee Sin
⦁ Bjergsen – Mid Gragas
⦁ Doublelift – ADC Caitlyn
⦁ Busio – Support Lux

The LCS is a ten team league in North America run by Riot Games, where each annual season of competition is hosted twice a year (Spring and Summer Split). It concludes with a double-elimination tournament between the top 8 teams. The top 3 finishers from the Summer bracket are entered into the LoL World Championship.

Tune in at 2PM PT/5PM ET on Thursdays and Fridays to catch the action LIVE:

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