Opening a Restaurant? Recipe Fails? Revealing Relationship Secrets!

We had so much fun with this one. Thanks for all of the great questions!
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Green Mars:
The How of Happiness (by Sonja Lyubomirsky)

0:00 Intro
0:25 Favorite quick and weekend breakfasts
1:11 What are you afraid to cook?
2:11 Recipe failures
5:05 Why fine dining cooks stick with it?
6:48 Suggestions for cooking chicken breasts?
7:16 Why preheat the oven to bake potatoes?
7:54 What type of restaurant would you open & what would be the cuisine?
9:23 What skills should home chefs master first?
10:18 How do you feel about Celebrity chefs on YouTube?
12:42 How far could Brian go on a cooking competition show?
14:15 Too much fat or sugar in your recipes?
15:10 Best food city you’ve visited?
15:50 Next on the travel wishlist
17:59 Learning Spanish with Babbel (#ad)
18:59 Cooked or uncooked pizza sauce?
19:46 What YouTuber’s food would you want to eat most?
10:19 Worst cooking injury?
21:40 Favorite restos in St Louis
23:33 Guilty pleasure foods
24:40 A day in our lives
27:53 Food Brian hates?
28:18 Cleaning tips
29:07 Foods you buy weekly?
29:33 New ingredient you’re excited about?
30:10 Cookbook (revisited)
32:17 Stainless vs nonstick cookware
34:06 Lorn and Gluten, favorite GF recipe
37:38 Salting veg at the start of sautéing?
38:42 The truth about sponsors
40:37 How we work in the same house and keep a happy marriage
43:07 Binder agent that holds the relationship together
43:47 Upcoming collabs?
44:28 Merch update
45:48 Goals for future of content creation
46: 47 Lorn’s surprise ending
50:01 Wrapping it up + let’s eat this thing (without food)

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