INSANE OTE FINALS BUZZER BEATER!! AMP Goes CRAZY Watching Trey Parker & Reapers Vs YNG Dreamerz 😱

Like I promised we’re streaming Game 2 of the OTE Finals RIGHT HERE on YouTube!! The Reapers barely won game 1 but YNG showed that it’s gonna be a hard fought series from start to finish. Can they win Game 2 and tie up the series? Tune in and find out! Like always I’m tryna respond to all the comments

Music featured in this broadcast, courtesy of United Masters (

“Rise Up by Nique Love Rhodes featuring Geno the Poet( – Listen Here:

“Play of the Week” by Cliff Savage ( Listen Here:

“Big League” by KAYO ( – Listen Here:

“Dead Redemption (Instrumental)” by Matt Galaxy ( – Listen Here:

“Blowhorns 152” by Big Joe (…) – Listen Here:

“Trophies” by Kayo Porter ( – Listen Here:

“On The Way” by Abderly ( ) – Listen Here:

“Big “Come Back” by by Matt Galaxy ( – Listen Here:

“Pass Me The Rock” by Thrillah ( – Listen Here:…

“Straight To The Top” by The Trackoholics ( – Listen Here:

“Chicken Spot” by Shahroz ( ) – Listen Here:

“Lost My Way” by Asoh Black! ( ) – Listen Here:

“Spaceship” by Rommii and Lil Spacely ( ) – Listen Here:

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