MOST VIEWED Friday Night Funkin’ Videos EVER!

Mukbang? FNF Animation? “But Every Character Sings”!? We look at the top Top 10 MOST viewed Friday Night Funkin videos of all time. These also include Poppy Playtime x FNF (with Huggy Wuggy), Mid-Fight Masses with Sarvente & Ruv, and the OG Vs. Garcello mod showcase!

What Top 10 video was your favorite? 🤔👑 Let’s comment below!

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Top 10 FNF Links (go watch the creators!):

1. Tabi “My Battle” (Different Characters Sing It) by SHAvibe –

2. BF, GF, and Tani Short by King Club –

3. Ultimate Edition Ugh But Everyone Sings It by SHAvibe –

4. Tankman Stress Animation by TheShookKitty –

5. Mukbang FNF Edition by GH’s –

6. Mukbang Complete Edition by GH’s –

7. Playtime but Everyone Sings It by NeirOnX –

8. Huggy Wuggy Animation by Hornstromp Toons –

9. Boyfriend Turns into a Werewolf by Dareen Younes –

10. Vs. Garcello Full Week by Gegcoin –

Bonus. Anime Ruv Vs. Evil BF Animation by Pol –

0:00 – Intro
0:10 – 1. Tabi “My Battle” (Everyone Sings It) (220M Views!)
1:10 – 2. FNF Short – BF Loves Tani or GF?
2:08 – 3. “Ugh” but Everyone Sings It (Ultimate Edition)
2:51 – 4. “Stress” FNF Animation
3:49 – 5. Mukbang Vs. FNF (actually amazing lol)
5:36 – 6. Mukbang Vs. FNF Complete Edition
6:03 – 7. Huggy Wuggy “Playtime” – But Everyone Sings It
6:49 – 8. Poppy Playtime BF & GF Animation
8:50 – 9. Boyfriend Turns into a Werewolf
10:13 – 10. Vs. Garcello FULL WEEK (OG showcase)
11:01 – 11. (I can’t count lol) – RUV Vs EVIL BF Animation
12:45 – What was your fav vid?! 🙂


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That’s right, we look at Friday Night Funkin’s highest viewed videos from 2021 to 2023! These range from Friday Night Funkin animations with Week 7’s Stress Song with Tankman, to FNF Mukbang with our favorite mod characters such as Whitty, Tricky, and Skid and Pump from Spooky Month! We also watch videos that change FNF characters every turn, including Vs. Tabi’s My Battle song, and Tankman’s Ugh from Week 7. Poppy Playtime chapter 1 makes an appearance with Huggy Wuggy in two videos as well. One including the Playtime mod song with characters changing every turn, to a FNF animation featuring Huggy, Poppy, and BF & GF as they escape dat boi. A sussy werewolf animation with Daddy Dearest’s week is featured, and we finish off with an anime BF vs Ruv animation with hecka dope quality.

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