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This is a challenge popularized on twitch, created by iateyourpie. Join the official discord for plugins and tools to help you try this challenge yourself!

Link to rules (also below)


Randomize the game All Pokémon, movesets, and items are randomized, with Trainer Pokémon & Wild Pokémon levels increased by 50%.

Once all party Pokémon have fainted, the run is over, and you must restart with a newly randomized game.

You may only use one Pokémon at all times. The only additional Pokémon you can carry is an HM Friend(s). If you wish to SWAP a Pokémon that you see in the wild, you commit to that new mon the moment you catch it UNLESS YOU STATE BEFOREHAND THAT ITS A HM FRIEND (HM friend cannot be used in battle swaps, same rules apply as the ultimate rule) (You do not need to kill your HM friend if they die)

No use of TMs or Move Tutor except for TM’s you get from Gym Leaders.

You can only use items that you pick up, no use of stores except for Pokeballs and Repels.

No using 599+ BST Pokémon + No Legendaries. If your Pokémon evolves into something with 600 BST or higher that is ok. ( FAVES CAN HAVE LEGENDS UNDER 600 BST )

You may only catch a Pokémon that is up to 4 levels higher than your current Pokémon’s level.

No Healing Moves of any kind (Recover, Milk Drink etc, No Drainpunch etc, No Leech Seed. No Refresh/Aroma etc) No Spore No Assist. This does not include Metronome. (UNLESS IN LAB FIGHT)

If your pokemon has BST of 400 or more, the following abilities are banned: Huge Power/Pure Power. If your starter pokemon has a banned ability, you may use it in the lab fight only, once you leave the lab you must pivot.

You must choose the starter at random before looking at the options.

You can skip choosing the starter pick at Random ONLY if you find one of your 3 favorite Pokémon are an option. For games after Generation 3, you may add 1 additional favorite per gen.

No Killing Wild Pokémon

No HP Healing Items while outside of battle

The only Held Items allowed are Evolution items and Consumable Items like berries EXCEPT Focus Sash.

You may not intentionally steal items from wild pokemon with moves like Thief, Covet, etc.

If you encounter a shiny, you are allowed to kill it for EXP.

You may not reset before the first battle if you don’t like the starter Pokémon. After that it’s fine.

No Pokecenter-like healing in Dungeons (Example – Rocket Hideout NPC, SS Anne Bed, etc)

No use of any flute items for status healing

No HM Moves in Battle.

Once You Enter a Gym or Dojo, You must defeat ALL TRAINERS + CANNOT LEAVE UNTIL YOU GET BADGE. Beat it or Die.

You can only enter a dungeon once unless the story requires a revisit

All Pokémon have Fluctuating Growth Rate except for Legendaries which are set to Slow.

Static Pokémon MUST NOT have level increase

No “Make Evolutions Easier”

Forced Fully Evolved at Level 30

Add 3 Additional Pokémon to Boss Trainers

If you accidentally kill a Pokémon while trying to scout a pivot, you DO NOT have to reset the run, but you must pivot to one of the mons in that route before leaving.

If a Pokémon is about to evolve, you can’t stop it or use an Everstone.

You must use “Set” battle type in the in-game settings.

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