Lord of The Rings Gollum Studio Apologizes – Kinda Funny Games Daily 05.26.23

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KFGD has been taken over! VGC’s Jordan Middler and Mr. Midas host this episode and chat about the apology from Lord of The Rings Gollum, Zelda’s duplication glitch getting fixed, and more!

Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Start
00:01:32 – Housekeeping
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– The Roper Report –
00:06:15 – Lord of The Rings Gollum devs apologize
00:10:32 – Tears of the Kingdom Patch Removes Every Duplication Glitch
00:16:16 – John Wick 5 has been Confirmed and John Wick Video Game Proposals are Moving Ahead
00:23:34 – Turn 10 reveals Forza Motorsport cover art and gameplay showcase plans
00:31:20 – More Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 details have seemingly leaked
00:37:47 – The new Alone in the Dark stars David Harbour and Jodie Comer and is out in October
00:42:30 – Out Today
00:44:50 – “What franchise do you think would benefit from strong stunt casting” – Daniel Summers
00:46:47 – “Do you think the lackluster PS showcase has anything to do with the ongoing Activision deal? – Chris Drummer
00:51:12 – Squad Up: Chris Drummer – PS5 – cjdrumm
00:52:05 – You‘re Wrong
00:56:22 – SuperChattin’ w/ KF!
Tuesday’s Hosts: Greg & Andy

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