Lee “Scratch” Perry Uncut Interview

Rare footage, never before seen in its entirety, of one of the true creative geniuses of 20th Century music. The self-proclaimed No. 1 Obeah Man and Dub Shepherd, clad in “custom boot and cap”, adds to the shamanic bricolage of his Kingston HQ , hanging record stampers and arranging chopped up Egyptian calendars.

He introduces his Swiss wife, shakes banana trees and, oh yes, cuddles a favourite puppy. And then holds forth, in his own, oblique, inimitable style, on, among other things, the Black Ark, King Tubby, The Upsetters, dub, and Bob Marley. Reggae historian Steve Barrow plays the straight man and intrepid cameraman Don Letts does his best to keep Scratch in the frame. Shot in the 90s. One for the ages.

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