Start Growing Your Own Food At The Comfort of Your Room

Learn how to build a greenhouse adjacent to your home or ask a carpenter to build it for you !
Who Should Take This Online Course?

The answer is: Anyone who desires a more independent, energy efficient and nature-based lifestyle. Whether you are curious about green living or are already a sustainability enthusiast, this course, taught by architect Luc Muyldermans and ethical living expert Francis Gendron, will give you the tools you need to design your own greenhouse home.

Everyone can agree that owning a home, aside from being a long-lasting financial investment, is also the foundation upon which one builds their life. Why not make it count as a twofold investment by boosting your quality of life to the next level? The addition of a passive solar greenhouse can help you do just that. With a little effort, you can lower your overall energy cost and reduce your grocery bills at the same time!

We work hard to create eco-friendly, cost-effective solutions for individuals who wish to benefit from innovative designs that provide food abundance and positively impact the environment.

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