Still Smiling: Laura Enever

Although the 25-year-old Australian is a six-year CT veteran, she’s become famous for requalifying by the skin of her teeth. This year Laura is in the same high-stakes situation, heading into the final CT event of the season in Maui. But rather than letting the pressure mount, she chose to distract herself with one of the heaviest waves in world.

While her bubbly, outgoing attitude may mask her hard-charging approach, Laura’s grin only grows wider when the waves get serious. This year she pushed herself into another realm when she competed in the first-ever women’s Big Wave Tour contest, the Pe’ahi Women’s Challenge. After committing to a monster in Round One, she was sucked over the falls — taking one of the most brutal beatings of the day. In typical Laura fashion, she shrugged it off.

As 6x World Champ, Steph Gilmore explained, “It doesn’t matter if she’s on the dance floor, or whether she’s about to cop a bomb on the head, she’s always smiling.”

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